At Geraldton Dental Care our aim is to give you disease free teeth and a healthy mouth.

Prevention of tooth decay and gum disease is easier and less costly than providing treatment for infected teeth and gums.


Dental fillings are used to repair worn, decayed or damaged teeth.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings, often referred to as ‘silver fillings’ or ‘mercury fillings’ was previously the material most commonly used to repair and fill teeth. The silver-grey coloured amalgam is made from powdered silver, tin and copper, mixed with liquid mercury.

We can safely remove your amalgam fillings and replace them with tooth-coloured composite fillings. Their bonding properties reduce decay and cosmetically match your natural tooth colouring.

Our practice ensures safe amalgam removal and replacement.

At Geraldton Dental Care we can replace your amalgam (otherwise known as silver fillings or mercury fillings) fillings with aesthetically pleasing, safe and non-toxic dental materials.

New generation tooth coloured filling materials and new advances in crown and bridge technology make you appear healthier, whiter and brighter giving you a more natural smile.

Our tooth-coloured restorations are strong and durable and smooth on their surface making them comfortable.

Special care needs to be taken to ensure safe removal of amalgam fillings.

We use the following safeguards:

  • Maximum suction to ensure amalgam is removed quickly
  • High water spray when drilling to reduce the temperature of the amalgam and minimise vapour release
amalgam filling beforeafter